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Ray Hamilton Trucking and Excavation, INC is a full service contractor who is licensed, bonded and insured to properly handle all of your trucking and excavation needs.
Site Preparation & Excavation


We use excavators and loaders to alter the sites‘s landscape according to your specifications. We find it very important that our first step is to properly prepare your site and assess the materials that you already have for the work that will be done. We strip and stockpile any loam, remove ledge and any other unneeded materials in the beginning.  Grading (the slope of the land) can also be altered to affect irrigation and drainage. We are familiar with many different soil  types and drainage systems, and will make sure that your site is left with a proper final grade.

Some of the Services we offer are:

Trucking & Materials Delivery

We have a fleet of various sized dump trucks so that we can deliver materials in the manor that is best for you.  Some jobs require large load deliveries and others require that all trucking be done in smaller, less noticeable trucks.  We can accommodate all of these and many other scenarios including installation of the delivered materials.  We will deliver materials not only for our own jobs, but also for other contractors and even home owners who want to install the materials themselves.  Our trucks can be hired either by the day or by the load.

Utility Installation


We can install all under ground utilities, which can include conduit for underground electric, sewer lines and sanitary sewer, storm drains, fire protection water lines and domestic water lines.  All underground utilities are carefully back-filled with the proper materials which will not only protect the utilities, but also comply with all State and Local Regulations. 

Drainage Systems


Proper drainage systems require working from engineered drainage plans  We can provide these plans and installation for you.  We also enjoy working with your engineer or can provide you with other engineering options.  Our experience will ensure that all of your drainage goals will be completely met.

Non-Blasting Ledge Removal


In many cases, the blasting of ledge is not possible for various reasons.  We are able to remove ledge from your site without blasting by utilizing various techniques.  Depending on your site, we may utilize any combination of the following technique:  Hydraulic hammering via an excavator, drilling and splitting, and hydraulic hand splitting.  These techniques are significantly less invasive on nearby houses and foundations.

Stump Removal & Disposal

We not only remove tree stumps from your site, but we ensure that they are properly disposed of in an environmentally friendly manor where they are recycled and either turned into loam or mulch depending on the disposal facility used.

Stone/Masonry Work & Retaining Walls

There are many variations in types and costs for retaining walls.  They can be build using large boulders, concrete systems, or hand installed stone masonry.  Generally walls over 6 feet tall require engineering which we can provide for you.  We are also happy to work with your existing engineer and their plans.

Driveways & Walkways


Your driveway and walkways are a key component of enjoying your home or commercial site.  They need to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  What is underneath yours is just as important as what you have on the surface.  Improper preparation for your driveway or walkway will severely shorten the lifespan of your project.  Our experience allows us to provide you with the best possible conditions to install your preferred surface.  We can provide curbing (granite and concrete) with asphalt paving, stone, or concrete.  We also offer options that include heating your surface from underneath, making it easier to keep these areas safe all year.

Recycling of Site Materials


All unused materials originally on your site will be recycled whenever possible.  This includes: asphalt, concrete, ledge, gravel materials, and loam materials.

On-site Screening

Some jobs call for on site screening so that we can utilize as much of your existing materials as possible.  This not only saves you money in trucking costs, but is also more ecologically friendly.  Utilizing materials already located on your site helps to keep a balance in the local ecosystem.

Ray Hamilton Trucking & Excavation
Ray Hamilton Trucking & Excavation
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